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[the motion that carry anus is what] _ carries – of benefit of _ of advantage of _ of action of anus motion _

Article introduction

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? ? The body is better, the person that psychosis compares beautiful basically has the habit of very good preserve one’s health in the life. The life is relative the rule, liking to exercise is the secret that keeps healthy, and athletic means has a lot of kinds, the project that everybody can choose is very much. At ordinary times a lot of people like to do the exercise that carry anus, so, is the motion that carry anus what? Very much to this motion person still is not very familiar, particular case sees the introduction of later development please.

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The motion that carry anus has regular ground upgrade to carry namely receive anus, loosen next, carry one pine to carry anus to carry namelyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Move. Insist to extract anus curative effect in following time the meeting is much better. Before sleeping late or before getting up, lie on the bed to carry anus 56 times, back-to-back move carries anus 16 times after relieve oneself; Dry weight also should notice to carry anus when physical strength is vivid; Anus also should be carried 16 times after sexual life. When carrying anus, must want to exert oneself to do sth. , after carrying anus the defecate on best horse.

? ? Gather cereal: Shift anus campaign namely, like bearing defecate, carry anus up, loosen next, then again upgrade is carried, carry one pine, undertake repeatedly. Station, sit, all can undertake all right, do the exercise that carry anus 50 times or so every time, holdA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Add 5 – 10 minutes can. The motion that carry anus can promote local blood circulation, prevent the anus week disease such as haemorrhoid.

? ? 1. Lie low, double genu bends.

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? ? 2. The muscle of contractive hip carries anus up.

? ? 3. Lock urethral, vagina and anus (they are maintained) at the same time by pelvic heart muscle, if make water is urgent,this feels, but the movement that cannot need to must shut make water to the toilet.

? ? 4. Maintain pelvic heart muscle to contract 5 seconds, nextLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Slowly loosen, 5 arrive after 10 seconds, repeat again contractive. The as usual in athletic process breathes, maintain the relaxation of body other part. The feeling that use a hand is abdominal, if abdomen has constrictive appearance, show athletic error.

? ? 5. The motion that carry anus needs the exercise of successive, of need is us perserve hold to, the purpose of the motion that carry anus is the muscle that exercises to prop up bladder, large intestine with aggrandizement, promote and systole prevents anus incontinent. Take exercise correctly with periodic can achieve the disease of bowel of anus of prevention and cure, result that stops leakage make water. This movement is right hurriedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Also have certain help into sexual life.

? ? Is the motion that carry anus what? Pass the detailed introduction of above, everybody should have adequate knowledge to carrying anus to move now. Do the motion that carry anus to be able to protect male prostate, promote male function force, also can exercise sexual susceptibility of the woman, the harmony of sexual life of stimulative husband and wife. In addition, the motion that carry anus can prevent the disease of respect of bowel of a few anus.

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