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[the practice of pumpkin cake] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of _ pumpkin cake

Article introduction

Pumpkin is special nourishing food, recommend everybody to be able to eat more in living at ordinary times, element of a kind of nutrition is contained to call kind of carotene inside pumpkin for instance, material of this kind of nutrition is OK inside human body A of translate into vitamin, so can tutelar eyesight, can promote skeletal development to wait a moment, because this is OK at ordinary times,come to cake of pumpkin make it to eat.

The practice of pumpkin cake, such doing delicious healthy!

One, evaporate pumpkin cake


Grain (greatly) egg

Candy 200g (with CastorBrownSugar140g)

Saline 1/2tsp (without put)

Pumpkin 160g (evaporate is ripe, squish)

Coconut oar 100g (change delicacy to suckle)

Oily 140g of salad of / of the rape oil that boil

Flour 300g (use initiative flour)

Doubl of double sex baking powderA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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EActionBaShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net

Sodium bicarbonate Sodiumbicarbonate1/2tsp

South melon seeds 60g


It is OK that mixer of = of salt of + of candy of 1. egg + hits / hand agitate

2. joins pumpkin + delicacy to suckle = to mix equably

3. is joined oily = mixes

4. pink kind sift out, join = to mix next

5. is joined finally south hand of melon seeds = mixes

6. evaporate 50-60 minute.

The practice of pumpkin cake, such doing delicious healthy!

2, pumpkin cake coils

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Egg 3, white sugar 200 grams, coal tub installs pumpkin 165 grams, flour 95 grams, teaspoon of cinnamonic pink 1/2, bake soda 1 teaspoon, mincing hickory 60 grams, candy pink is right amount, candy pink 120 grams, teaspoon of sweetgrass essence 3/4, butter 30 grams, butyric Zhi person 225 overcome


1, warm-up oven 190 degrees. In 38*25*3 centimeter bake dish wipe a bit oil, spread the wax paper that a piece of bake uses next.

2, the egg hits divide evenly with eggbeater high speed, put into pumpkin and candy agitate nextForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Divide evenly, rejoin flour, Chinese cassia tree and bake soda mix divide evenly. Pour mixture equably into next bake dish in, scatter on broken hickory.

3, 15 minutes are baked in 190 degrees oven, perhaps feel till finger till the feeling is a bit stretch. Take, turn over it to buckle having scatteringing on on the clean cloth of candy pink, raise wax paper gently next, again cake from short there slowly coil.

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
4, butter: essence of pink of 120 grams candy, herb, butter and butter Zhi person mixes, agitate molten.

5, careful open cake anew, next the butter on besmear, terminally put apart makes an appointment with 2-3 centimeter place, coil cake anew next.

6, had built cake finally, wait for cool. When eating, if like, can scatter again on the pink that nod candy.

The practice of pumpkin cake, such doing delicious healthy!

3, cake of multicoloured grandma sweet pumpkin


Pumpkin 500 grams, bright butter 50 grams, white sugar 10 grams, medlar, currant, sweet beans each 10 grams


1. opens currant and compose a surname with lukewarm bleb, careful ground is abluent the dirt above, sweet beans is cut small-scale. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

White sugar is joined in 2. bright butter, hit into with eggbeater mushy.

The pumpkin with 3. good evaporate is pressed into pumpkin mud with ladle.

4. mixes in pumpkin mud currant, medlar, sweet beans, leave a few currant and medlar to reserve.

After 5. is a bit cool, mix again the bright butter that dismiss. Pour the pumpkin mud with even mix on lettuce, outside using broach to be in carefully grain of layer lay off, make it appearance of a cake.

6, the currant on final adornment and medlar, on drop trifling salad sauce can.

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