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[the method that contains white wine] _ does _ how to do –

Article introduction

Bishop has red, white branch, and of white wine make the white grape that needs as much as raw material, the method that contains white wine and claret are identical, should choose superior white grape first as raw material, the grape after cleaning must full airing, notShanghai noble baby

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Can have the water share of a tiny bit. OK a grape is whole put with white sugar ferment together, also can press the grape undertake fermenting after juice, should undertake finally sealed, this one step is very crucial.

Contain the method of white wine

One, the making method of white wine

Collect the grape after closing to must undertake extracting juice as soon as possible, white grape can undertake cutting leather program first normally, many only peaceful part is contained in grape stalk, to carry white wine pure and fresh, before extracting juice must purify.

The juice of grape of grape along with with broken classics togetherFall in love with the sea to be the same asFall in love with the sea

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Be gone up to cool by the horse, back-to-back ability is the measure that extract juice.

Extract juice. The principle that extracts juice is fast, gentle, avoid to be contacted with air as far as possible, because the oxygen in air can cause a grape,the oxidation of juice, metamorphism is mixed become angry.

The grape juice of crush out still wants quiet below cooling condition place, paragraph time, make the corporeal deposit of big grain is gone to container is rock-bottom, get superstratumSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Clear liquid undertakes fermenting.


(Tub of 1) rust steel ferments: Traditional liquor ferments is undertake in oak bucket (now breed of some a few grapes, if Xia Duoli still can use oak bucket) , the size is small medicinal powder heat is fast, dominate lukewarm result very good.

(2) wine chamfer ferments: Liquor ferments must slow in order to withhold the fragrance with original grape, and the fragrance after can making ferment is more exquisite. To let ferment slow undertake, temperature must be controlled in 18 ℃ –Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Between 20 ℃ .

Contain the method of white wine


(1) wine chamfer fosters: After white wine ferments, still need to ferment through lactic acid wait for a program, make wine becomes stabler.

(2) oak bucket fosters: Grape breed of the part makes the white wine that make, ability can experience this level, the yeasty meeting that after fermenting in oak bucket, dies precipitates at bucket bottom, brew worker can time agitate lets dead yeast and wine mix, this law can make wine becomes fruitier.

Before bottle, dead yeast and grape still can be contained sometimes in wine drossy wait for foreign matter, must purify. Commonly used method has trade a barrel, filter law, centrifugal segregator and bentonite filter the law is waited a moment.

Finish through be being made after the white wine bottle after filter.

Contain the method of white wine

2, admirable do white characteristic

Wine colour and lustre should approximate and colorless, shallow yellow ribbon is greenLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
, shallow lever of yellow, standing grain is yellow, golden color, clear and transparent.

Have alcohol, elegant, beautiful, harmonious fruit is sweet reach wine is sweet.

Have the taste of clean, mellow beauty, quiet and tastefully laid out Gan Shuang, harmonious fruit fragrance and wine fragrance.

Alcohol spends () of 20 ℃ : 7-13%(v/v); total candy (with dextrose plan) ≤ 4g/l; total sick at heart (with tartaric acid plan) : Ache slightly of 5-7.5g /l; brandish (with acetic acid plan) ≤ 1.1g/l.

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